What Does it Take to Become an HVAC System Maintenance Technician?

Are you interested in becoming an HVAC system maintenance technician? Learn about the education requirements for this role including high school diploma or GED certificate programs.

What Does it Take to Become an HVAC System Maintenance Technician?

An HVAC technician specializes in the maintenance and repair of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems in residential and commercial properties. To become an HVAC technician, you need a high school diploma, a training program, and a state license. Florida Career College's HVAC technician training program can help you earn a diploma in just 10 months. This program prepares students to become HVAC technicians, air conditioning technicians, service technicians, HVAC mechanics, refrigeration technicians, HVAC specialists, and refrigeration mechanics.

The minimum requirement to start a career as an HVAC technician is a high school diploma or GED. The high school curriculum must hone the math and reading skills needed to get the job done. However, very few employers hire technicians who only have a high school diploma or a GED. HVAC training is the first step to becoming a licensed technician. The fastest route is to obtain a certificate, which you can complete in six months.

The certification program focuses primarily on training in diagnosing and repairing HVAC systems. Are you interested in becoming an HVAC system maintenance technician? If so, you'll need to know what kind of training and experience is required for this role. We'll guide you through the education, experiences, and skills that hiring managers look for in an HVAC system maintenance technician.HVAC technicians design, install, test, control, maintain and repair HVAC systems that keep people comfortable in their homes and businesses. It takes an average of 6 to 12 months of job training to become an HVAC system maintenance technician. New HVAC technicians often start their careers by performing more basic tasks before moving on to more difficult tasks such as installations, troubleshooting, and repairs. The table below shows how long it takes to acquire the competence as an air conditioning system maintenance technician according to the U.

S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • High School Diploma or GED: 6-12 months
  • Certificate: 6 months
  • Associate's Degree: 2 years
  • Bachelor's Degree: 4 years
The role of an HVAC technician is primarily the installation, repair, and maintenance of heating and cooling systems. The degrees that HVAC maintenance technicians earn less frequently include a degree in electrical engineering technology or a degree in business. Maintaining accurate documentation is also an essential skill that HVAC technicians must maintain, whether to properly record system maintenance efforts or simply to order and bill for new parts and upgrades. Common positions before becoming an air conditioning system maintenance technician include maintenance technician, air conditioning technician, and service technician. The most common certification is the EPA's entertainment operator safety certification (EPA), but the OSHA safety certificate also appears frequently in the resumes of HVAC system maintenance technicians.

When you decide to become an HVAC system maintenance technician, it's important to know what duties and responsibilities are required for this position. These include designing, installing, testing, controlling, maintaining and repairing HVAC systems that keep people cool on hot days, warm during cold days, and breathing clean filtered air.

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